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   The Citizens and Visitors of Maui, Hawaii are disgusted that current law allows the dumping of human waste in our precious ocean waters. Through the EPA, the State of Hawaii has the ability to designate our Whale Sanctuary Waters as no dump zones. Read #2 at this link. The Hawaiian Legislature has already asked the EPA & Whale Sanctuary to prohibit sewage dumping in the Whale Sanctuary.  the Legislature recently passed the Pump Don't Dump Resolution. Click here ( link to resolution) to read HCR 58. Contact Neil Abercrombie at (808)-586-0034 or click here  for an email form to ask him to encourage Governor Abecrombie to support a change.

    Please HELP by contacting the Whale Sanctuary Superintendant Malia Chow at 808 397-2651, ext 251 or via email at hihumpbackwhale@noaa.gov, and request the sanctuary rules be changed. Please contact the EPA and request a NO discharge zone for Sanctuary waters via email at Strauss.Alexis@epamail.epa.gov . In addition contact the Maui visitors Bureau  at info@visitmaui.com or 800 525-MAUI or Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau at info@hvcb.org or (800) GO HAWAII (464-2924) telling them to step up to stop this practice.


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Latest Update May 13th, 2008
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Gov. Linda Lingle releases $350,000 for Maalaea for design and systems
Help STOP the senseless practice of dumping human waste into the ocean around Maui instead of pumping into appropriate waste trucks and facilities on shore.